Customer Care

VAKI offers Customer Care Package and Training Sessions for VAKI products. A service contract provides you with inclusive service checks that carried out online by our skilled service team, and there are no logistical issues or transport costs to worry about. This also gives us the opportunity to advise and make recommendations on the use of our products. We can also remotely identify any potential issues that may be affecting the accuracy or any repairs/replacements that should be considered. All VAKI Fish Pumps, Graders and Counters can be connected to the VAKI Smart Flow System and the VAKI Cloud. Many commercial fish farming operations utilize VAKI Customer Care Package to optimize their equipment and streamline their operations.

Customer Care Package

Users of VAKI Counters can have an inclusive service check carried out online without having to ship equipment from the field, so there are no logistical issues or transport costs to worry about. We can check settings, software, make upgrades, offer advice on the counter and on the actual counts. An online service check also gives us the opportunity to make recommendations on the usage of the counter, and identify any potential issues that may be affecting its accuracy. We can also provide valuable insights on any repairs or replacements that should be considered.

Customer Care Package includes:

  • Counter registered into online service history database.
  • Three routine online service checks per year with email reports.
  • All settings and systems checked.
  • Visibility check for light strength, head/camera alignment, edge positions and bulkheads.
  • Calibration check.
  • Random selection of 2 files from the last service in hard drive checked for quality of images.
  • Hard drive clean up.
  • Report that contains recommendations regarding changes to alignment, cleaning and other issues highlighted during the online checks.
  • Priority service customer for additional online support.
  • One count quality report, per year.
  • All applicable software upgrades free.
  • 25% of additional function change software packages.


A Count Audit is available as an independent service, and also as part of a more wide ranging Customer Care Package. With the Count Audit Service, users get a more detailed report, in which we also check a number of image screens to establish count accuracy estimation.

The automatic counting report gives valuable and detailed information on the counting and is produced after each count with the total number of fish counted, number in each group, total counting time, average fish per minute, and any counter overload time. The counting throughput graph is shown on the report and the name of site, tank, company logo, comments, and other information can be included. The report can be supplied to the receiver of fish along with the counting file containing the images of all the fish.

Online service includes:

  • Overview of the count files
  • Check the quality of images
  • Check counter settings
  • Other issues that may affect the count
  • Ensure accuracy of the counter


It is important to know how to make the most out of the equipment in order to get the maximum potential. For that reason VAKI strives to provide a professional level of service and support in order to help with the maintenance and service of our products. VAKI offers training sessions on VAKI equipment to help ensure that users are utilizing the products in an accurate, safe and effective manner.

Benefits of VAKI Training Sessions:
  • Ensures all users have the qualifications to take responsibility for improving production.
  • Increase in-house expertise with the customer.
  • Maximize performance, productivity of your products.
  • Ensures users’ knowledge is up to date.
Product maintenance:
  • Reduce damage, stoppages and costs.
  • Extend product lifetime.
Training delivered at a time and place convenient to you
  • Users gain full benefits of the training.


Just want you to know that I applied the training that I received from you. Utilizing file space on the Macro Counter and remembers to download file on the hard drive to the memory stick. We graded after you left. Knowing how the counter work made it effortlessness to operate and at ease to explore the capability of the unit. So your trip here were productive and I learned valuable lesson on how to operate and use counter properly. 

Thank you!..

Miko Leavitt
Buckmans Creek Hatchery

Please do not hesitate to contact Andri if you have any questions or comments.

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Service Manager

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