Feeding System

Centralized Feeding System
easy to install and simple to us

VAKI Feeding System

Easy to Install, Plug and Play

Developed in partnership with fish fames producing both juvenile and harvest size fish. The system has been installed in hatcheries, smolt units and grow out fish farming operations on land and sea. The system was developed to be a low cost, centralized feeding system that is easy to install and simple to use. The VAKI Feeding System is a self-contained system installed in a standard 20″ shipping container.

The feeding operation is based on delivering feed from storage silos to fish farming cages or tanks. The silo empties into a feed dosing auger via an airlock into the main transport pipe to a feed distributer (revolver). The blower sends compressed air into the distributer. The feed is then directed into the individual feed pipes and transferred to specific cages. The dedicated software interface is used to control and monitor the feeding operations including feed rates, mealtimes, feed types and feed mix.


Maximum Fish Growth

The VAKI Feeding System offers full control and overview of the daily feeding and is used to control the quality and efficiency of the feeding process.

Full control for better utilization of the fish feed to gain maximum growth while ensuring a minimum of the feed nutrients are lost back into the water which may need further filtration. The efficiency in utilization the nutrients in fish feed improves fish health, farming economy and benefits the environment.

Advanced Software

The VAKI Feeding Program is the user interface to monitor and control the feeding system. The operator can view, reprogram or override the automatic operation of the system.



Components supplied by VAKI

  • revolver / distributer
  • airlock with funnel
  • blower
  • plc
  • pc- software
  • sensors
  • pipes between components

Other components not supplied

  • cooler (optional depending on size of blower)
  • feed storage silo
  • pipes from angers
  • pipes to cages

Airlock with funnel

VAKI Feeding System is automatic feeding system designed for fish farms. The system utilizes one or more feed storage silos, which is useful when different sized feed is used.


Allows feed to enter the compressed airflow without  losing air pressure or scattering the feed. The airlock sends the feed into the airflow from the blower.


The auger on the silo drops the feed into this funnel which “guides” the feed to the airlock. Is used to guide the feed dropped from the silos into the airlock. On the top of the funnel is plastic cover to prevent the dust. The sensor on the funnel stops the system if the funnel becomes blocked or is full of feed.


Sends compressed air through the main pipe to transfers feed from the airlock to selected cage via the revolver. The blowers are selected for the requirement of each system.
Blower size 2-30kW.


Revolver is rotated by a motor and positioned using an encoder. The PLC is programmed to  move the revolver to the correct pipes for each feed dose. Controlled with an encoder and PLC which selects the correct feed pipe for the feed to enter.

Programmable Logic Controller

The operation of the system hardware is controlled by Programmable Logic Controller (PLC).

The PC software is used to interface and program the feeding system. The system software controls feeding operations such as feed rates, meal times, feed types, etc. The operator can monitor, interface, reprogram or override the automatic operation of the system.

Pipes Connections

Up to 36 feed pipes to the cages can be connected to the revolver.

Pipes from silos (optional)

Feed pipes in standard transparent or white milk. Temperature tolerance: +80°C. CR lining and steel spiral.

Compressed air cooler (optional)

Hopper System

The feeding system can be set up as refilling system for smaller feeding hoppers. Both as single revolver system and multi slave system.

Technical Specifications

Basic Feeding System

Slave – examples of setup

Feeding system with main revolver and slave revolvers. The main revolver is located close to silos and slaves are located close to cages. Kept indoors or outdoors.

Hopper System

The feeding system can be set up as refilling system for smaller feeding hoppers. Both as single revolver system and multi slave system.


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