Our Macro Range Counters are top of the line quality counters

Benefits of split head

  • Split head design makes it easier and safer to move the head from and to the body
  • Can place the computer away from body
  • Can back up other counters in the Macro Micro Range
  • Easier to access for any service requirement
  • Easier to store for safety and security
  • Latest hardware with updated counting program gives faster and more accurate counting
  • Access to new SmartFlow dashboard – remote monitoring

Main features

  • Remote service checks
  • Unlimited telephone and online support for troubleshooting and technical assistance
  • 1x free count quality report
  • Discounted parts and additional software
  • VAKI Cloud subscription
  • Access to stand-in equipment

Remote Service Check

  • Software reviewed
  • Setup of counter reviewed
  • 2x previous count sessions checked for count quality
  • Suggestions for improvements to count quality
  • On-site service of equipment recommended if problems are spotted

Count Quality Report

  • Detailed inspection of a selection of counting sessions
  • Manual count of ~10-15% of a session to estimate error margin
  • If an error is proven, suggestions are made on how to improve and prevent the problem from coming up again
  • Created if there is a dispute regarding deliveries
Integrated wi-fi• online access

• remote service capability

• cloud backup

• automatic updates
• labour savings

• reduced downtime

• customer confidence
Split head• camera remains on body

• easy to remove and store PC

• one head + many bodies

• display remote from counter
• less damage

• no camera misalignment

• budget savings

• higher efficiency and profitability

• security
 • one counter for fry and smolts• lower capital investment
 • Review and validate count• customer satisfaction

• no disputes
 • Minimum stress and damage to fish• reduced lost revenue
 • Count separate batches or graded fish

• one counting system for transfers and grading
• time saving

• space saving

• lower capital investment
 • Average weight and biomass information• efficient stock management


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